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Desring God has recently interviewed Trip Lee on their Desiring God Blog. The article can be found here. Check out this excerpt:


Reach Records creates music that is relevant to the culture and is packed full of biblical truth. This platform has proven to be an incredible tool, both to introduce people to Jesus Christ, as well as help others go deeper in their faith. Through our music, we have the opportunity to reach a culture that otherwise would have no interest in what we have to say.

As a result of the music, it became apparent that many in this culture lacked solid biblical tools and resources to disciple them in the Christian life. Therefore, we created ReachLife ministries, a non-profit organization which produces Christ-centered tools and resources for urban churches and ministries to provide what music is not designed to do, disciple.

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Okay lets start with the track listing:

1. 20/20 Intro
2. Superstar (Eyes Off Me)
3. Real Vision
4. Inexhaustible
5. Who Is Like Him?
6. We Told Em
7. Cling To You
8. Relief
9. Behold the Spirit
10. Satisfaction (Hedonist)
11. Come Close
12. Who He Is
13. Intimacy
14. True Security
15. Eyes Open
16. Hip Hop

Overall Review: 5 Stars

Theology: 4.5 Stars

Lyrics: 5.0 Stars

Doctrinally Faithful: 5.0 Stars

Production: 5.0 Stars

Reveiw by Track

Superstar:This is a well produced track. It has the familiarityof the classic 116 sound (the 808 and Southern tune). This song is antithetical to the traditional hip hop we hear today. You know the girls, cars, rims, clubs, and jewelry! Check the hook below. The most encouraging line is “get your eyes off me”. We need more of this. So the beat is hot the lyrics goes with Trip’s trend of pointing you to Christ and not him! Thanks for that Trip.

Hey if you looking for a Superstar/I ain’t the one you searching for, I came to bring some worship, bro/He’s perfect I’m just dirt below/Hey if you looking for a Superstar/Don’t look at me, you got me wrong, I been a sinner all along/Let’s look at Him and not the songs”

 Real Vison: Okay if you have not heard much of Tedashii and you don’t own the album please pick it up at www.reachrecords.com . I actually had to get a massage after listening to this beat (you know the head bobbing syndrome that comes along with Reach). So may disagree but the signature screwed hook is a great compliment to this type of track. I don’t think you can go wrong.  This song exalts the holy scriptures in verse 1, Jesus Christ his person and work and future judgement in verse 2, and Trip finishes it off by refuting false gospels mostly that of prosperity teachers. It truly gives you real vision.

Inexhaustible: The title defines the song. It talks of God’s complexity. That we can study for a million years and still won’t begin to scratch the surface! How true this is. How can we become bored with such a God, but back to the review. The beat is okay, they lyrics are worshipful and God exalting. Not my favorite but will grow on me as I burn out my favorites.

Who is like him: This is a workout song here. It has the type of beat that energizes you. But the lyrics stirs your heart to exalt God. The question is “who is like Him”? Trip answers by saying nobody! I love this song. It isn’t a barbecue song. It takes some time to digest. Check a few of the lyrics here:

Tell me who’s the God who’s marked off the heavens by the span?
Now tell me who calculated all the dust of the Earth?
He is Yahweh, God we make much of His worth
Tell me who you know, that’s more powerful or even beautiful
That’s truth and bro would die to save and raise after His funeral?
We tell men, that this God would let them drive them nails in
But still spreads out the heavens like a tent to dwell in
So the point is, He’s greater than we are and man this joint is
To point kids, in His direction and where this joy is
Come on, no more fronting homie its bout time for fessing up
You want to step your game up but you cant step it up enough

We Told Em: Ah, the privilegeto evangelize by bothlife and mouth! Trip tells us to “lets show em we Christians”. If the church in the west is failing in any area this could be one and Trip does a great job explaining the urgency of showing the world who our Savior is. The track is pleasantsomething I wouldn’t expect. It has an acoustic sound it withthe eerie keyboard. He uses the fast/slow lyrical delivery approach and it flows wonderfully with the beat. I really like this.

Cling to You ft. Shai Linne:Trip changes us his delivery to compliment the Tony Stone track and we know this is right up Shai’salley. I love the hook. The beat is definitely a summer fresh sound that has a jazzy with a subtle piano.  Very enjoyable, refreshing and encouraging. What is amazing is that the song says “maybe things will get better, but it may not; however, I will trust in you”. Wow, how that goes against our flesh centered theology. Here is the hook:

Lord, it may get better but it may not
So when I pray God, I pray I
Would trust You whether or not the pain stops
So when the the pain falls, coming down like rain drops
I just gotta cling to You

Relief: Same as above. This is a unique song for Trip. Bunch of instruments involved in this song. Refreshing sound, clean beat and nice singing compliments. I love the “ooh, ooh, ooh”. This song elevates the doctrine of Justification. He says “when my life ain’t right I got to peak at his”. I love that. You see he says it is a relief to rest in Christ. Has a Philippians 3 implication to it.

Behold the Spirit: Maybe my favorite song (see “We Told Them”). This is the most theologically saturated song. It describes Theology Proper (the person of God) by talking about the Spirit of God the Holy Spirit (pneumatology). The beat is one of my favorites the lyrics refutes false views of Holy Spirit by describing His person (that He is a He not an it and that He is God, the third person). As Holy Hip Hop makes it way to the ears of young church goers this song will definitely spark their interest on who the Spirit is.

Satisfaction: I like the beat but not particularlyfond of the hook. The lyrics are outrageous. I love that Trip has his ear to the street. He speaks the language of the culture and responds to them by presenting Christ and man this is lacking today: Check the last verse:

Now my life is the pursuit, of delighting in His truth
In His person, His works yeah I’m fighting for this fruit
Of His light in my life its me striving to be like Him
Remember Him like the Titans, I’m dying to be renewed
Don’t get it twisted like I am the reason to
Run forward to the throne, no the lion is in my view
He’s shown to be glorious, when shown to be more to us
Than anything in sight pray our idols will be removed
It doesn’t show the Lord’s beauty, when I treat Him as duty
A God who doesn’t truly, inside please or move me
So I reach for the truth He’s my God a precious ruby
More entertaining than movies, greater than chasing hoochies
And when I forget I gotta take in the view we
Dive in His Word just to gaze at His beauty
And I really hope guys get the picture
True satisfactions in the God of the scriptures

Come Close: This is probably my least favorite song, the lyrics are on point the collaborations are really good but for now it will have to grow on me. I don’t particularly care for the hook, nor Flames verse. I do enjoy Sho’s verse though. He brings a very creative verse to the song that helps it a bit, especially the “how you doing” LOL.

Who He Is: I love this song. The track, Cam’s hook, and Lecrae’s verse works this song over. It has the 116 signature sound but for some reason these three together makes this song work really well. Man Trips first verse gave me chill bumps. I actually had to raise my hands in worship as I played the song for the 100th time (not exaggerating here). I can’t say enough about this song. It may be my favorite. Check Trips verse:

Okay, He reigns over all, its plain since the fall, our brains don’t recall who He is His name’s over all, His aim is for all, to remain in awe as they see His
Beauty man it’s truly crazy, dude He’s grand His truth is great we
Dudes should stand and truly praise the beautiful lamb they bruised Him greatly His life was the cost, He died on the cross, He died for the lost, we know that So we ride for the boss, He’s high we exalt, this Christ in our thoughts, can’t hold back Exalt Him in our actions too
, we crack them Johnny Macs and cruiseThefacts, we grab His active truth, we happy when our Dad’s in view

Intimacy ft. Diamone:Clean, safe, and the beautiful voice of Diamone makes this song one you will bob your head to and smile. Nothing exciting but very heart warming. I think this is the most worshipful song.  Check Diamone’s hook below. See some say Hip Hop’s beats are worldly. Many see the lyrics. Actually I am going to include the hook and one of Trip’s verse. Great song to sit on a porch and let the wind blow, or when life has you frustrated. it just brings peaceful spirit over me.

Verse 2:
It’s way too many times, I’m staying off on the grind
In other areas and I bury you in my mind
Then my life starts getting terrible, scarier and I find
Myself trying to get near to you, but you was here all the time
But I was having my share of affairs with things you designed
Kind of like a bad marriage, it’s scary it’s like I’m blind
And I’m praying you’d help me, hold me, and make me focus
I know that when I’m lacking you I’m more than hopeless
Mold this wicked heart to delight in your precious person
Fighting, confessing, searching for Christ and lessons for learning
It ain’t even nothing good in me that I might show you
But I can see that eternal life’s that I might know you
I want to know you be close to the God who saved me
Raised me, so I pray we can be much closer
And I- I can embrace the beautiful life that you gave me
I count it all loss Lord that I might know ya

Lord bring me closely
So to show me
Who you are
and the fill my cup

Just a lil bit more
I need a lil bit more
More and more
More and more..

True Security: My third most favorite or tied for second. I love the beat but the lyrics should encourage you to pray for those outside of Christ. He show the brokenness of our young ladies, the hood cat, and the preachers kid. Man, this song actually teared me up. We as Christians sometimes forget that so many people are broken and feel naked. They run to drugs, eating disorders, sex, excessive partying, alcohol, and violence in attempt to silence the demons only to wake up next to them in the bed. But he doesn’t give a superficial Dr. Phil/Oprah answer. No he points them to “True Security” which is only found in Christ. Man I love this song. Check out verse two and the hook that follows.

here’s a young dude, up in his teenage years
Huggin tha block to fit in wit his teenage peers
He still doesn’t it’s one thing to be made clear
Not beindown with tha rest is his teenage fear
See where he come from, sellin work ain’t that crazy
And it’s few cats his age that ain’t had babies
All he wanna do is lay around and hang out crazy
Maybe smoke something, drank got his vision hazy
Plus he just got that new Jeezy cd
Wanna be like them D boys he see on TV
Heard of church but ain’t got a suit that’s three piece
So he think it that just ain’t for him
But some girls down tha block wanna date from him
Bout a decade down tha road his baby will be 10
But he’ll be locked up I’m prayin for my brother
That he would cling to the God that can save when we suffer

I’m praying for my brother
That he would cling to the God that can save when we suffer
True security is found in Christ
He’ll never leave you, He’s down and around for life

Eyes Open: Man, okay I don’t know what my favorite song is anymore. This song is saturated with the Doctrines of Grace. Trip points us to our depravity and the Monergistic work of God to remove the blinders through His sovereign election. This is the second most theological/doctrinal song! I love the beat and it compliments the theme of the song. He aks “so who gets the glory”. The beautiful doctrine of election should push us to our knees in thanksgiving and this song will only encourage you to do such a thing. Oh how we need more of this teaching, not for the sake of some vain knowledge but so that we can exalt God as the tite of Packers book “The Sovereignty of God in Evangelism”. This song should motivate us to hit the streets with the Gospel. Why? Because He gives the the increase. Check the lyrics and hook here:

Verse 2:
Yeah I was blinded in the past, like my mind was in the trash
Incapable of doing good or even finding him the task
Was beyond what I could grasp, my righteousness is rags
So He had to do all the work, by His design you do the math
The math, who get’s the glory, hey who get’s the praise?
Predestined, I was elected, resurrected from the grave
Plus His loved was never based on my past or present state
On anything that I obtained I was a mess but blessed with grace
By grace, I’m in love with Him
He gave me something within
He doesn’t love me cause of me nope He loves me because of Him
No He didn’t have to save and raise me when I was dead
But He dragged me out the morgue, now the praise of His name is spread
He died for all He would save, it’s crazy the Savior bled
Erasing taking my dread, and gave me some grace instead
The kind I wouldn’t resist, I came praise be to Him
And I’m confident if I’m in Him Imamake it to the end with eyes open


Now that my eyes is open, gotta keep that Bible open
Not just so that I can quote Him, I’m hopin that I’ll behold Him
Until I lay in the grave, I’m praying I’ll stay in motion
Gazing with eyes of faith He gave me baby, I’m focused
I’m praying all through my 20’s I’ll see Him in 20/20
Looking at Him till I look like Him almost like His twin He’s
So merciful, His Word is so packed I’m telling many
About the glory of Christ, trynarep Him with all that’s in me

Hip Hop: This songs defends the use of Hip Hop as a venue to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. Too many times these brothers have to defend that what they are doing is glorifying to God. Most will ignore and run to 1 John and pull the worldliness hocus pocus rabbit out of their hats. But for those of us who understand what Luther (the very peson who brought the Reformation) did with the music of his day to promote the Gospel we have no problem with this venue. Nice beat and straight to the point.

In closing I love this album. Please run out and buy and support these young men. Trip is in Bible College in Philly and belongs to Epiphany Church in the same city. I want you to listen to every word on this album and see if it lines up with scripture. Not only that. If I gave you this on a blank album all you would know is this young man was from the south. No one on the entire album mentions their name, but Christ is mentioned so many times I lost count. This album is saturated with the Gospel of glorious God and Saviour Jesus the Christ! You will leave encouraged and Christ will be exalted. Thanks for a wonderful project and I pray that God will continue to use Trip Lee and Reach Records to make Christ know through the venue of Holy Hip Hop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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