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I am very excited to write for this synchroblog on leadership. I had a few churchy things up my sleeve. I thought about some of the things I had the privilegeto teach on leadership (from one who is fallen yet redeemed). I also wrestled with writing something about politics. Given the title you can see which one I chose.

Ah, diversity. This was buzz word back a few years ago as companies looked to meet the challenging market demands. Many companies prided (and many still do) in being diverse and having diverse leadership. I believe in many churches this has been something overlooked and many of Ty’s and my earlier posts dealt a lot with race in the church. This is still a huge issue for us and maybe we will begin to revisit it. My man CJ has been doing a great job of this over at his blog also.

Given the thick and what I believe to me the most tense election of my life I wanted to talk about diversity in American politics and why the Church in America should really desire it.

1. It Fairly Represents America

I think those who want Christian leadership alone have no desire to work at being the Church. This great nation is made up of many different religions, dialects, ethnicity and personal convictions. All of these need to be represented if we are to really have a democracy. To have one people group dominate and be the voice of all misrepresents the great diversity God has so blessed us with. I know I might sound like a liberal, but we need humanists, activist, fundamental Christians, homosexuals, Muslims, Atheist, and Postmodernist running this nation collectively. Each will bring a unique view and be able to let the voice of those individuals be heard. I would NEVER want a majority Christian leadership, because though I love Jesus I believe this would be bad for this nation. Shoot, just look at Europe during the 16th-17th centuries. Didn’t work well then and I don’t believe it works well now.

2. Diversity allows policies to be balanced

I don’t think having a Christian moral value system as the standard of law is right. Again I will pull my liberal card out for this one. If so where do I stop? Fornication, gossip, lying, greed (which is idolatry), adultery, unforgiveness, selfishness? You see where I am going? Diversity brings a group of individuals together who want to both preserve life, but also not be overly religious in setting laws and public policies. That is why a gay senator is good for America and a lesbian Supreme Court Justice. That is why a Muslim Congressman and a Jewish Vice-President are good for America. We need Atheist politicians and humanistic judges. Why? Because the policy is to be good for America and America is diverse with a trillion different moral convictions.

3. Diversity Should Stimulate Conversation

Finally though it has not happened, a diverse leadership should stimulate a conversation. Let me explain this one. Diversity forces me to hear what others think. Put a group of individuals that are dogmatic for the same thing in a room and there is little conversation and much head nodding. However, bring in a few liberal folks, a couple of moderates and now you have fireworks. We need our leadership to be diverse so that weak areas are covered. If we have too many conservatives many of the poor and marginalized are ignored, too many who happen to be a bit more liberal moral decay, if no one cared about the world pollution would be rampant. These are stereotypes but you get what I am trying to convey. Too many of one people and weaknesses are exposed.

This was my feeble attempt to try to communicate what I think about leadership especially diverse leadership within American politics. Thanks for reading.


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