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Short post I promise. More of an interrogation than anything else.

1. Does God love Americans more than other nations due to our Christian Heritage?

2. Is God not in control in Cuba, China and other non-democratic Governments where there are many Christians?

3. If God is persevering and protecting Christians in those socialistic nations will He not protect us (I ask this because I have heard that if Obama is elected it will be the end of the world).

4. Due to my parenthesis in #3, do you honestly believe that America plays a huge role in the Eschatological affairs of God? Really?

5. Will Jesus’ words “the gates of Hades will not prevail against it” mean anything today? I guess that makes me ask do you believe that God’s true Church is the one in America?

6. Finally, does God blessing America mean that He should curse the Iranians, Palestinians, Iraqis, Cubans and others? If God blessing us means the destruction of our enemies that is what it seems like. Should we want God to destroy “our” enemies?


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Please Feel Free To Think

I want you to know something. Please feel free to think! As a matter of fact it is your God given responsiblity to think. Please wrestle, toil, struggle, fight, pray, and refuse to accept any answer that you aren’t comfortable with. Ask lots of questions and then think some more. Why do I say that? Well many people feel they have the market cornered on God’s truth. No they will not say that, but all you need to do is think differently than them and they become hostile. They throw out things such as “you don’t believe in the bible” (as if our faith is in the bible, it is in who the bible points to) or they make up names for you. Call you a sheeple, idiot, dumb, or some other outrageous thing. Maybe some won’t go that far, but they ridicule you. Write you off. But I want you think!

Why do I want you think? So when you quote something, or when you die on a hill it is your truth, not someone elses. Regardless of the time they spent in seminary and all of the letters that follow their name. Read some things you don’t agree with so at least when you disagree you don’t sound like a parrot or a clone. Yes their are many great man that walked before us, and we stand on the shoulders of giants, but that doesn’t mean we must accept their truth as our truth and ulimately God’s truth. So if you come on here quoting somebody else as a response to something please understand you will be engaged if you don’t like it please feel free to go to the sites that agree with everything that you believe so that you can feel secure and safe.

Finally I appreciate the opportunity I have had to have conversations with you all. I am grateful that I have been able to blessed by this gift called an internet that has been a curse in many of lives and have destroyed many of families. I hope that whatever I post and whatever Tyris post though you may or may not disagree at least challenges you. I may believe differently than you but my goal is to get you to think. Once again 1 Corinthians 15 is our truth for this is the Gospel Paul preached. After that everything is open for discussion. I have my beliefs and really many times I don’t want you to believe like me because tomorrow that may change. Anyway I will be extremely busy until the middle of next week so I may approve comments but have little interaction and maybe no posting until next weekend some time. I may post some pictures from the 116 concert though!

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