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My good brother CJ at Christ My Rightouesness is doing a series called “Race Relations and Unity. So far there are three posts up.

The Cross and Racial Reconciliation : Jews and Gentiles in Christ  by Kehpa

Kingdom of Men or Kingdom of God: How Your View of Diversity Defines Your Kingdom by Lionel Woods (AKA Hot Chocolate)

Love is Beyond Diversity by Bradley Cochran

There are a few more coming, but if you have a heart for racial reconcilation and diversity within the Body of Christ, I think these would be good reads. Coming from the Reformed persuasion I belive this to be a critical issue, as the Reformed faith is highly Eurocentric and has a superiority complex!


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Brother Celucien over at Christ My Righteousness has posted this.

A New Proposal for Racial healing and Reconciliation © Christ, My Righteousness Ministries. Celucien Josheph

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Racial harmony or reconciliation is both a spiritual struggle and exercise. But racism is a matter of our expressed attitudes and behavioral concerns that incorporates both our perception of others, and treatment of other folks who are not like us, and those whom we mark as spiritually, politically, and socio-economically “other.” Racial harmony presupposes ruptured relationships and delayed unity in the body of Christ. If we are not reconciled citizens of the kingdom, we are divided members. If we’re not racially unified as members of one corporate body, we are perhaps racially divided. Racial reconciliation does not mean, by any means, the total abandonment of one’s culture and values or the “let go” of one’s distinction (s) and preferences. Racial harmony must be pursued because unity is absent in the body of Christ. In other words, unity anticipates racial healing; racial harmony presupposes unity. Where there’s no unity, racial reconciliation will still remain a dream to wish for. It is unity of the church among the members that will orchestrate new avenues for racial justice and reconciliation. Those who belong to the new kingdom ushered by Christ are to follow the ethics set by the King for its citizens. Unity is the goal of the kingdom, diversity comes only in second. We are not called to pursue “diversity” but “unity.” For diversity presupposes the “make-up” and inclusion of the church. Unity is strongly emphasized in the ethics of the Kingdom. Having a “unified body” should be the ardent quest of every member of the kingdom.

I use the black and white imagery below as representative expressions of different value systems and cultural preferences and as a symbol of “division” and “strife” in the Church. Below (and the above paragraph equally) are some suggestions, which I phrase ” a new proposal for racial reconciliation” for the members of the new kingdom of God in Christ , the new sphere where we all belong and are all incorporated in Christ Jesus, the King.

1. The person who is different from you is a bearer of God’s image.

2.Establish intentional, honest, and genuine relationships with people who are not like you—individuals of other race and ethnicity; and those who are of different social-economical backgrounds.

3.“Just make friendships that function at a mutual level where you are not the “giver” but both the giver and receiver” (from a blogger).

4.True reconciliation happens when we see the other as equally important and valuable as ourselves.

5.Remember everyone in the body of Christ has something equally unique and useful to offer to the building up of the kingdom of God.

6.The individual does not have to be like you, talk or act like you (in order) to appreciate him/her, his/her talents and service.

7.The white church needs to stop thinking that they are the true expression of Orthodox Christianity.

8.The white church needs to cease seeing herself as “the helper” but “partner” in the ministry for the growth of the kingdom of Christ.

9.The Black church needs to begin conceiving herself not as always “ the beneficiary” rather the “benefactor”

10.The Black church should not think of herself as always the “learners” rather the “giver”

11.Together the white and black churches complement each other in the ministry of the kingdom by helping and partnering, giving and receiving, learning and teaching.

12.Racial reconciliation is a ministry, an enduring process.

13.Be patient with each other.

14.Show Grace toward each other .

For the sake of the children of the kingdom

15.Black parents- Encourage and support your children to have non-black friends .

16.White parents- Encourage and support your children to have non-caucasian friends.

17.Black and White parents –Teach your children also to establish intentional and genuine relationships with people who are different from them. Not only do we need racial healing and reconciliation for ourselves, our children need it too. So we need to help our children not to be trapped in the same predicament.

18.We must prepare a new generation by passing on and leaving a strong legacy to them, a message of hope and unity through the bond of the Spirit who’s unifying us.

19.We need to instill in our children A love for racial harmony.

20.Because Jesus is the End of Ethocentricism and Racism.

May God give us a heart like his,
 Celucien Joseph
Christ, My Righteousness Ministries

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