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Justification and Regeneration

I just wanted to recommend a wonderful book by Charles Leiter. This book deals scripturally (a bunch of scriptures and footnotes to scriptures that are a great help) with both Justification and Regeneration. I believe one of the most overlooked and under-emphasized doctrines of the bible is regeneration. There has been about 3 big theological works in the last year or so dealing with justification but regeneration has been mostly ignored. I believe this is why Romans 7 is so widely viewed as the “wretched Christian” verses (once again another blog post). However I believe Regeneration is more important and I believe the bible deals with it just as much as Justification (this book will prove that scripturally). Most Christians really don’t understand what Paul means when he says “put off the old man” and “put on the new man” both pivotal in Colossians 3 and Ephesians 4.

So on to the book there are so many great quotes that I didn’t want to do the book a disservice by quoting them. However the first half of the book deals with Justification and the latter half Regeneration. The book has a few appendixes one being a expositional work on Romans 7 and the wrethced man which is worth the book alone. Mr. Paul Washer does the preface and really has your mouth watering with anticipation. Mr. Leiter does an unbelievable job using the bible to deduce his conclusions and not Christian “experience” (which is where a lot of books I read miss as it relates to sanctification/regeneration).

Finally the book is very reasonable. I have had it for, well… I actually preordered it a while ago. Anyway, buy this book it is unbelievable for new believers and brothers or sisters struggling with their faith. The number one reason is because it is not wordy, it is very simple and quotes the bible extensively. Please purchase this book rather a new believer or a seasoned vet, I believe the justification the latter will find quite simple but the regeneration portion may be a huge challenge and for those who continually quote Romans 7 as a believer it could definitely cause you to rethink that position. God bless.


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