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Okay I have had this album for a long time and wanted to give  a quick but needed review. Flame is probably my favorite Holy Hip Hop guy. His lack of fear of using deep theological truths, while simultaneously speaking the language of the culture most influenced by Hip Hop has been amazing. I have actually met a couple of people who were so influenced by the music especially “Give us the Truth” and “Real One” that they left their churches and the very destructive and heretical “Word of Faith Churches” that our destroying the gospel in our communities (Dollar, Bynum, Bryant, Price and other very lost man).

With that said here is a quick review of the Album. I will start with my favorite song. “I Been Redeeme”. The track is pulsating, head banging, and the lyrics well… Trip and Flame together over the midwest 808 is no brainer. Flame says “From the Abrahamic Covenant back to Noah’s Flood, back to Genesis 1 back before the World was, even before the serpent was even lurking in Eden’s grass, before Adam ate in eterity past” Say what!!!! He is speaking of God electing us before the foundation of the world but the world play is ridiculous. So this is maybe my favorite song.

Next up is “Power in His name” it is one a very Christ exalting, worship song beautiful hook and lyrics, “Pluck us out His Hand” and “Joyful Noise” are tied for third for me. Lecrae says “Yo boy’s been a Christian quite a few years, victory in faith but I failed in my fears, I heard a lot of words that have tickled many ears, that why I praise God for the word that we adhear”. Flame verse is just as fire but don’t have the time and don’t want to misquote the lyrics.

The rest of the album is very good. The album features Shai Linne, Future, Izrael, and others. The album is so Christ Centered I don’t know where to begin. I put this album up against any and I do mean any, secular hip hop album and any Gospel worship album (for those who think Christian Hip Hop is an Oxymoron). Bring your best hymns out and lie them beside this album and I will bet apart from the 808 and keyboard, and baggy jeans, this album and some of the songs could be consider great hymns for years to come.

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