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Carter, Anthony. Experiencing the Truth:Bringing the Reformation to the African-American Church. Crossway Books , 2008. pp. 192. $12.99

Anthony Carter, Ken Jones and Michael Leach are all pastors. Anthony Carter pastors East Point Church in East Point (Atlanta) Georgia, Ken Jones pastors Greater Union Baptist Church   and Michael Leach pastors All Saints Redeemer Church located in Decatur (Atlanta) Georgia. Anthony Carter also published another ground breaking work titled “On Being Black and Reformed”.

The purpose of the book can be easily indentified in the sub-title “Bringing the Reformation to the African American Church”. The authors feel that if the Gospel is going to advance amongst those of the African American community it is imperative that the current practice be reformed. The authors go through and clearly explain exactly what this means (Biblical Theology Chapters 1-2) and what it should look like (Chapters 3-5). Anthony Carter sums the book up with an appeal for the Doctrines of Grace to be embraced amongst those of the African American community and the book ends with an appendix pack full of very practical ways to flush out a Reformed Worship Service.

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