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I think I struggle with polished ministry. There seems to be this unnatural wax museum aura that permeates the building. The lights camera action of it all loses me 5 to 10 minutes into it. I don’t know when this happened actually. But it happened and the tension gets thicker every week. I enjoy seeing my brothers and sisters in Christ and I enjoy to see many of them growing. However I don’t know if it is the most conducive environment for them to grow in. Again I was privellaged to have one of the most unorthodox pastors that still was theologically and doctrinally sound more in life than in practice. I hope that if he reads this that he won’t change. He took a small group of college students and turned a couple of campuses upside down for the Gospel and the fruit of that ministry gets you some solid Holy Hip Guys and other cats holding it down all of the United States. Much of the freedom I had to learn and grow was under his lack of micromanaging.


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