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Well I meant to do this a couple of months back. I actually posted about pausing. So this time it is official. Hey even Michael Jordan returned twice! LOL!!! Thanks for your support and please continue to write. Writing has done so much for my thinking and has allowed me to approach the scriptures with a fresh perspective. I have also got to talk with and even meet a few good people through this venue. Actually I have made some really good friends: Tyris, G-Dub, BLD, Alan, Dave Black, Celiciun Joseph, Mike Hutch and now a family who also lives close by though I haven’t met them yet (Javetta). Please leave your blog links in the comment section so that I can ensure that those who read here got some good stuff to read. Especially Steve-O, Javetta and Steven in New York.

Thanks again for allowing me to bounce thoughts off of you all, it has been a pleasure. Hey at least this is one place Jon Paden can’t post (that’s for you Hutch). Some of my favorite blogs are found in my feed list. Please check those guys out! Also if you are joining me this weekend please call me at 972-816-7024. God bless

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I was reading some articles over at Monergism.com on tithing and giving. Here is one and below is an excerpt.

Where should the tithe go?

According to Malachi 3:10, the tithe was supposed to be brought into the storehouse, which was a place where the Jews delivered their offerings of grain or animals.

The storehouse had specific functions, including feeding the tribe of Levi (Numbers 18:24-29), feeding the Hebrew widows and orphans living within the Hebrew city (Deuteronomy 14:28-29), and feeding the Gentile poor living in the Hebrew city (Deuteronomy 14:28-29).

Ideally, the local church could serve as the storehouse in God’s economy today. God has designed the church to carry out vital social functions similar to those funded by the storehouse. Churches also should minister to the sick, teach families to care for themselves, and take the Gospel to the lost at home and abroad.

Some churches do not minister fully in these areas. Therefore, to the extent that a church lacks in a specific area of ministry, a portion of the tithe could be given to an individual or organization that is “filling in the gap.” However, remember that you cannot sit under the teaching of a local church without supporting it financially (see 1 Timothy 5:17-18).

Here are some challenges I want you to pose to your church if they agree with such hogwash:

1. Plain and simple since I tithe and since this is “my church” I want a key and full access to everything the building.

2. There is nothing that I pay a monthly note on that I don’t have full access to. So if I want to use part of the building to throw my grandmother a surprise party, or use it to house some homeless people at night, of if I just want to have some friends over to watch the Cowboys girls get destroyed then no one should have a problem with that.

3. There is nothing I invest in that I can’t control. So if I don’t like that a 100K wing is being built it shouldn’t be built. No one can come to my house and say they are building on it without my permission. Since it is my church then I should be able to decide what happens.

If you find any of the above absurd so should you the teaching that your giving should be “to the local church” because “you are being fed there” even worse you should “tithe” to the “storehouse” because you are robbing God. Plain and simple the people in the New Covenant gave as they pleased to whomever they pleased whenever the pleased! The laying of money at the feet of the apostles were free will and proven by Peter’s statement to Ananias and Sapphira. Also with the Philippians and the Corinthians.

So the next time you hear something like that, ask the three questions above. If it is “your church” that you should be “tithing or giving to” then you should have free access to it (note the operative word is should not can). But what happens is that it is more like our current Time Share model. Where they tell you when you can come, when you must leave, though you pay for it and they lie by telling you, that you own it. Hogwash. You don’t own it and that building is no more yours than the moon is yours. Likewise with the church manipulating you to be good stewards which decoded from Christian jargon really means “give to me so I can fulfill my vision that I believe is from God with your I mean God’s money”

Thanks for the comments and the visits. Hope to be back by the New Year. Tyris will still post here as far as I know so the blog isn’t going anywhere.

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