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No! I am not saying that at all! Not the least bit, but there does seem to be a lack of urgency. Oh, just in case I wanted to let you know I am not advocating baptism as a condition for salvation. I think we Romans 3:21 through chapter 4 as how a man is justified in the sight of God. However, I have been reading through Acts and I just see a sense of urgency. Acts 2, Acts 8, Acts 10, Acts 16, Acts 19, sure seems to but an urgent plea on how baptisms should work. So my questions are:

1. Why the lack of urgency?

2. What occurred between the 1st century and today that we don’t feel that water immediately proceeds profession?

3. Why are we more eager to get people into our churches (where there is no strong empahsis on scripture) than to offer them water?

4. Who is allowed to baptize and could this be one of the problems?

5. If you are a minster/pastor/elder what is your SOP on this?

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