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I really didn’t want to post anything about politics again. The election is over and we have what we have. But this election has been one of the most divisive elections I have seen in my lifetime, this is a rather short lifetime given the fact I am but 30 but this has been very tense from what I have read, listened to and now have experienced on this blog.

There is something that really, really confuses me as it relates to Evangelical Christians who side more with the Republican party (though they will say it isn’t about Rep vs Dem) and defnitely with McCain over Obama. What confuses me follows.

1. Many Christians say they wanted to vote for a man who more reflected their values. Those values happen to be abortion and gay marriage. I agree that both are in error to the Christian way. Abortion is wrong and Gay Marriage is wrong. Abortion to me seems to be a universal law, I could be wrong but I do believe that. Gay Marriage not so much. I believe that to be a Christian/Religious (Mormons) value, not a universal value. Many cultures define marriage many ways, everything from polygamy to the trading of property is how marriage is defined. Not to mention in some places the woman is the property of the husband because of the sinful devaluing of Women across the globe (I never understand how that is universal problem, I guess it is Eve’s fault). So I am with those who oppose abortion maybe not so much gay marriage, but I am more indifferent on the latter.

2. But there seems to be a problem. Many were against Obama for his more socialistic/Marxist views. I don’t believe he is either but that has been explained in other posts. But what really gets me is when the same Christians uphold the moral value system of gay marriage and abortion but then say in the same breath “it is not the responsibility of the government to provide healthcare, education, or to take the money of the well off in the name of taxes and give it to the poor”. Now, is abortion and gay marriage any more immoral than ignoring the widow, orphan and poor? When I read my bible I see a the Apostles very concerned for the real physical needs and in 1 John, James, 1 Timothy, Matthew 25 and a slew of God’s accusations in the minor and major prophets there is a huge relation between a love for God and a real, need meeting love for the poor!

So what I am asking is why do we want the government to only uphold half of our moral values? Why is it perfectly fine for the government to control how people live morally but not how they live economically? What I hear all the time is “it is the job of the church to provide for the poor and marginalized” while in the same breath they say “it is the job of the Church and the State to uphold Christian moral values”. Am I missing something here? Am I the only one struggling with the disconnect? If you will fight for the values of abortion and gay marriage politically, shouldn’t we also use the same amount of energy and tenacity to fight for education, healthcare, programs to help single mothers, childcare for those who must have two working parents because of their education and income levels, shouldn’t we fight to get decent living quarters and to help those with AIDS? How can we say one is the job of the government because of our historic Christian values but the other isn’t.

Sorry for the rambling but I don’t get it. Either we want the government invovled with every aspect that the Church should be doing or none of it. If not we are being very selective about what Jesus values.


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