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Moved Sites (again) to A Better Covenant hope to dialogue with you there.


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I have stumbled across a new site dedicated to New Covenant Theology. Here is what they say about themselves:

As stated on the front page, New Covenant Journal exists to exalt Jesus Christ. It strives to do so by providing good instruction for the head and the heart. And in the spirit of full disclosure, we want you to know that our teaching flows from a theological perspective which embraces the Doctrines of Grace (aka Calvinism, Reformed Theology, TULIP, Sovereign Grace), the baptism of believers (i.e., not babies), and New Covenant Theology (in opposition to Covenant Theology and Dispensational Theology). If the latter means little or nothing to you, thank the Lord for His gracious providence because this journal is designed to enlighten you.

On the homepage, you will find a sort of magazine/website hybrid. Similar to a typical web page, the layout will contain information (some static, some changing), links, recommended resources, etc. You will also find the articles of the current issue, the “magazine” portion. These compositions will be written and edited as if for a published periodical and displayed accordingly. We hope to post four issues annually.

Each issue divides into two major sections: New Covenant Thinking and New Covenant Living. The former presents lessons from the perspective of New Covenant Theology, exposing the weaknesses and errors of the other theological systems. The latter seeks to bring the Lordship of Christ and the grace of His Gospel to bear upon the diverse facets of life. Topics will include family, work, friendship, book reviews, movie reviews, logical thinking, how to vote, how to pray, how to develop holiday traditions, and lots of other things that we haven’t thought about yet.

For the foreseeable future, we will not be featuring a blog, but one of our contributors does. He writes about New Covenant Theology and much more. You can get there from here.

Along the way, we will provide links, audio, video, essays, etc., of good sound theology, even if their authors are not New Covenant Theology adherents. Though we would love for everyone to stand eye-to-eye with us, we recognize that many good and godly folks see things differently. On matters where we do agree, we happily recommend them to you. (We may lead you to matters where we disagree, too, but we’ll be sure to point that out.)

While on the topic of disagreement, we want you to know that we consider all who believe the Gospel to be our brothers and sisters, even if we strongly oppose some of their theological views. So while we may try to knock them off of their platforms, we do not consider them out of the party. We like those guys. We desire to display truth and biblical fidelity, not to create strife and division.


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New Blog Link



Welcome Pastor Williamson to the blogsphere. Here is his link. I look forward to dialoguing with Reformed Brethren. Praise God that he has decided to write.

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I have been waiting for this day for awhile (mostly so I can visit his blog after a sermon and rake him over th coals LOL). Dhati Lewis my current pastor but near future pastor of Issachar Fellowship (I love the name) in Atlanta, GA. The Blog is Thoughts Along the Way and should make for a good read though Dhati claims he is not much of a writer. Pastor Lewis has been influential in my life these last 3 plus years I have known him though this has been done mostly through the pulpit. I want to welcome him (finally) to the blog world and hope to interact with him soon. Here are so things to be aware of.

1. He is a Lakers fan and because of this he shouldn’t be anywhere near this blog.

2. A famous quote that always sticks with me is this: “Love God, Love your neighbor as yourself and then do anything you want to do”

3. He is a beast athletically but can’t stop my low post game!

4. 24 is his favorite show so if you are a terrorist be very afraid

5. I think the Lord through him has created the most bangin’ college ministry the world has seen and it goes by the name of Plumbline

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I would say I have heard some guys who preach very well. I would say I have heard some guys who preach excellently. I would even dare to say that there are some exceptional men out there. But I think I have heard the best in my lifetime. His name is Dr. Arturo Azurdia III and I may be stoned by Piper and MacArthur fans for saying this, but this brother is the coldest I have ever, ever heard. His use of the languages and Christocentric style is unbelievable. I posted this because I didn’t want to keep it to myself. A brother name Cedric Clark gave me the site and put me on to him over the past weekend. I wouldn’t even dare to say, you don’t need an explanation once you have heard him preach. You get up, walk out, go home and employ the clear teaching to your life. This is how concise He is. I have spent the last couple of days putting his sermons on my IPOD and there are hours of available teachings out there. I am currently listening to Family Affairs and have been so convicted that I wanted to turn it off. But I was compelled to listen. I am that much more responsible for responding biblically. Enough said. Listen to some sermons. I would start with the one called “New Covenant” I think you can go anywhere from there. I am going to invite some friends over just to take notes and listen to some other sermons in the coming weeks. Here is the link: Spirit Empowered Preaching. Enjoy

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For those who enjoy clicking peoples Blogroll I have added two sites.

 The first is Growing in Graceand is a ministry of Steve Leher who was with In-Depth Studies. It is brand new so not much is there.

 The second is Enjoying God Ministries this is a ministry of Sam Storms author and Charismatic Reformed teacher. This site is jam packed with resources of every kind, from gifts of the spirit, Doctrines of Grace, to Egalitarian/Complementarianism views. I think your soul will be blessed by the great resources that Dr. Storms provide for free.

 I hope you enjoy them both and we all strive to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus, who gave Himself up so that we may be reconciled to the Father through faith!

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I write this post reluctantly but with a clear conscience. I also write this post to draw a line in the sand and to clearly define the purpose of why I originally started blogging and what the Lord has done to my heart since the very first post back on the Black and Reformed that I shut down a few months ago. So I want to be honest. I originally started blogging due to my frustration with the Health and Wealth movement. I was utterly abused by Legalism, Word of Faith teaching, and a slew of false doctrine. I used to spend all of my time as a lion looking to pounce on the first lonely sheep that disagreed with me. I would love to get into debates at barbershops, with family, and love to tell my wife how much I disagreed with Jakes, Olsteen, Meyers, Price, Dollar and their affiliates. I enjoyed destroying their doctrinal positions and anyone who would side with them.  Okay I really, really enjoyed it. I would take my arguments to church and debate with anyone who would defend even an ounce of this doctrine. I would even argue with myself if I had to. I just wanted to expose false teaching regardless of the bridges I knocked down, the relationships I sabotaged, and the feelings I hurt along the way. I left a trail of destruction wherever I would go. The crazy part is, I justified all of this by saying “I am standing for truth”.

I would hear all of the time, from those closest to me, that I was being to harsh, maybe I should be more gentle, but I put them in the same bucket I did the expected wolves. I called them “wolf sympathizers” and quickly turned on them. I just wanted to kill everyone in the path, regardless of our relationship. If you were caught on the same side as the foe, you were considered a foe. This continued on until I practically burned every bridge in sight. I then turned to the Internet, where I found others just like me. I later found blogs that thought the way I thought and they were even more tenacious than I was at exposing these wolves. That is when I figured out how to start my own blog. My motive was to “stand for truth at all costs”. Encompassed in that all cost were those who were theologically untrained who would come and defend these “false teachers”.

So after being ignored by my wife, church family (some anyway), friends who belonged to these types of churches, and even old church members,  I finally had a voice on the web. People started to come and I sent my blog out to everyone on my email list. I loved every minute of it. I finally found people who agreed with me. I would have a field day attempting to destroy every doctrinal position that, those I considered, false teachers had. If I caught someone affiliating with them, they were just as guilty. If Jakes spoke at your engagement, you were just as guilty as Jakes. If Rick Warren was at a conference that someone I respected was at, I considered them just as guilty. Then…….

Something weird happened. As I looked back over all of the dead bodies, and the body count report came back, I realized that there were friendlies in the count. Not just a couple, but just as many friendlies as there were enemies. I started to look at the bridges I burned, the relationships that I sacrificed in the name of truth, and the hearts I broke standing for “God’s truth” and my heart became heavy. I read Respectable Sins and things such as: patience, gentleness, and forgiveness were areas I was seriously lacking in.  I thought of all of the people that were in the crowd when I sent the mortar on an enemy camp! The babies (young in the faith) the elderly (those who were helpless), and even friendlies (those who agreed with me, but were not ready to split but would rather be patient seeking prayer over division). So I tried to cover it up by starting a new blog, but the Lord would not let me rest. Repentance was and is necessary for such sins.

So I want to say to anyone offended again, that I am sorry if I included you in anything that did not bring God glory. Father, if I have written anything with “selfish motives”, or vain conceit, I repent and I pray that you would fix my mess. We have way too many friendlies in the crowd to send atomic bombs or mortars into enemy territory. My heart and goal now is to send special agents in (the Truth) to rescue our friends from enemy territory. Every innocent bystander is important and I refuse to shoot in the crowd again. That means that some blogs that I would visit quite frequently I will not visit again. I thought that I could go on there and infuse truth, but I would find myself falling back into sarcasm and condescending remarks. I enjoyed being a “Heresy Hunter” because it made me feel better about myself, by expressing my disdain for them (I guess).  As long as I got one enemy I didn’t mind taking out 5 allies!

So going forward I pray that this blog will proclaim the Glory of Christ above anything else. I pray that as you read this blog, your heart is warmed and you want to proclaim the excellencies of Christ even more. Finally I hope to engage in critical (but ultimately loving) dialogue with those who disagree. Thanks for those who visit here and if you are what I was then I pray that God will give you the same conviction. Lets proclaim the truth of God in love.

God Bless,

Your Not So Humble Brother,

Lionel Woods

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