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From Milk to Meat CD

When I say unofficial I mean I paid for the album and am reviewing it without the endorsement of CM Records.

I will attempt to do something different with this review. First I will rate a few categories in stars, then I will tier the songs so to say. So with no further due lets get into this review.

Production: 4 Stars

Lyrics: 5 Stars

Hooks: 3 Stars

Cameos: 4 Stars

Overall 4 Stars

I want to give this album 4.5 to 5 stars but I can’t due to the hooks, and a few tracks that could have been left off the album. There are a total of 19 songs, 3 are interludes thus 16 full length songs. Of those songs I will rate Great, Good, Okay and Bad. I will remain as fair as possible, but I want to also be honest in my assessment.

Great:Gimmie Dat, Jesus, Talk A Lot (maybe the hottest track on the album, this is actually one of Ambasadors greatest songs to me anyway), Love & Grace

Good:  Checking For My God, Listen Up, Hardcore, The Cost, The Day I Met U

Okay:Whatu Going Do, Deeper, The Opener, The Chop Chop, Hope Man,

Bad: The rest

The most challenging part of the album is I believe that Mr. Branch squeezed some song on the album to give it some weight which could have been left off. The hooks on some songs are a little dated, but that could be due to the fact that The Ambassador has the lyrical giftedness to convey the Gospel to this generation with ease but still has an older fan base, thus some of the beats and flow don’t match with the hooks at all and it seems like they were written by someone who didn’t write the lyrics. I also think there are a few mix match beats that don’t complement The Ambassadors flow but may have been used to communicate to a younger crowd.

All in all I give the album a 4 and is worth buying a copy for yourself and a friend who may not be a believer but likes hip hop. Niether will be disappointed and they may jsut be pleasently suprised that a preacher can flow better than 90% of those who call themselves rappers today.

When Ambassador does a best of, there are about 3-4 tracks that will make the list from this album I am sure. Jesus, Gimmie Dat and Talk A Lot (which I honestly am still all warm and fuzzy about) will definitely make the list.  Please buy it and enjoy it. This is suppose to be Ambassadors last album, but I tell you this, it isn’t because of flow and relevance, maybe he will walk away from this venue of communicating the Gospel like my man Barry Sanders did for the Lions in his prime with others screaming for an encore, especially me.


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One of my favorite MC’s Muze One has released a new EP. My neck is hurting listening to it (that could because I have an over-sized head) from the persistent bobbing. If you don’t know who he is, he is one-half of the duo Redeemed Thought the other half being Stephen the Levite of Lampmode Records.


Dope beats, dope lyrics, short album! If I could give it 6 stars I would but since the parameters are 0-5. I will give him 5! My favorite track being “These Words” (the track gives me chill over serious wordplay). I know Jesus will be my portion in heaven (just as He is in on earth though I will enjoy Him without the hindrance of sin), but I pray that Holy Hip Hop is there also!

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Reach Records has released 3 songs for preview from Lecrae’s upcoming album “Rebel”. The tracks are:

1. Don’t Waste Your Life ft. Cam, Dwayne Tryumf
2. Live Free ft. Sho Baraka, Jai
3. Got Paper
Listen here purchase here
Deuce AKA The Ambassador AKA a living Hip Hop legend for those of us in the “hip hop generation” (LOL) will be releasing his final project. Mr. Branch is also an assistant pastor of Epiphany Fellowship an Urban Church in the Philly. The Ambassador is also a member of the all time great Cross Movement who paved the way for “sound, releveant biblically faithful” Christian Hip Hop (yes there are gapping differences folks). Anway you can listen to the tracks here.  The release date is 9/23 and you can get a little more information about the album here.

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Reach Records announced today two pre-orders:

Here are links to the two pre-order options:
Please Check out www.reachrecords.com
Here is a short thesis on the album:
Join Lecrae in redefining “Rebel”. When you hear the word, what do you think of? Jesus was a Rebel in his day. He lived for something other than the pursuits of the popular culture of the day. He stood against traditions that pointed away from true worship, and instead presented an authentic picture of living for God.
Are you a Rebel?

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couldn’t wait to post this. Check out the new video “Joyful Noise” by Flame ft. Lecrae and John Reilly! I love the hook and lyrics. What is most enouraging is to see the young folks enjoying themselves while the Gospel is articulated so wonderfully. I can’t believe Lecrae wore them trendy glasses. LOL!!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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If you live in the Dallas area you don’t want to miss this FREE (yes I said FREE)! Concert. Mercy Street Ministries will be hosting the 116 Clique this Saturday August 2nd! Please come check these brothers out. They put on an unbelievable show and you really should see what they are doing “After the Music Stops and them curtains are closed”! Reachlife has been doing some incredible work and the Read this Before You Die evangelism project has been a blessing to many also. So let me know if you are going to be there. I would love to hook up with some fellow bloggers. God bless. By the way they will need some help with evangelism, I don’t know how that is going to work so hopefully I can talk to one of the fellas before the concert and post some information.

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