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We interrupt this program to bring you a Public Service Announcement! This just in….. Paul the Apostle does not agree with must of us who proclaim others are preaching a “false” gospel. Let me repeat that Apostle Paul does not agree.

Okay seriously. We have to be careful on two fronts. The first is the word heretic. I have been called to the table on this one. The second one is the term a “false Gospel”. Mr. Alan Knox does a great job describing what Paul means about heresy in this post (which convicted me by the way). I want to focus on the false Gospel one. Here is the text (I will be brief I promise)

I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting him who called you in the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel— not that there is another one, but there are some who trouble you and want to distort the gospel of Christ. But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed. As we have said before, so now I say again: If anyone is preaching to you a gospel contrary to the one you received, let him be accursed.

There is a context here. Paul is dealing with a select group of individual. This Judaizers have crept in and are spying out the freedom of the Gentiles. They are saying “unless one be circumcised, there is no way that God will accept them”. This isn’t the message passed down to Paul from Christ Himself. Jesus has obliterated the Old Covenant and all of the laws that go along with it (NCT) and the way to God is faith (which Paul makes clear in chapter 3 was always God unfolding plan by Abraham the father of the Jews being saved before circumcision).

I won’t expound much here, but these gentleman that Paul refers to, are men who are maliciously pushing people back under the Old Covenant. They are disguising themselves as brothers but once they get in they were causing schisms in the Church by forcing the Galatians to be circumcised and simultaneously teaching them that Paul’s gospel was false and that the Apostles in Jerusalem has never endorsed such a liberal view of God.

So this isn’t error, or misinterpretation, this clear maliciousness. The Jerusalem Council has already taken place, the Apostles have already agreed with Paul, James standing up and running down what the Church expects of the gentile converts (Acts 15) but these men undermine Paul and the other Apostles by maliciously (I want to reiterate that) teaching a gospel contrary to the one handed down to Paul which in turn means they are undermining the Trinity! This is why Paul says let them be accursed. For our brothers and sister who are in error, but teach that Christ is the only way to God, but may manipulate the facts a little because of error not malice, we have to be more gracious. When I first came to know the Lord I was very confused. And God saw my confusion and over the last 14 years I have been a work in progress. Lets measure others with the same grace.


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I read Mr. Carter’s blog today and was deeply encouraged. I also read The Miseducation of the Reformed Negro again (and again) to get the jest of Brother X and what he was attempting to convey. {WARNING: EVERYTHNG PROCEEDING THIS LINE IS MY TENSION WITH THE TWO!!!!!}

So okay, here is my feeble attempt to discuss this and I am by no means attempting to step on toes, nor am I attempting to say someone is wrong, nor am I concrete on my position due to the great Latin phrase “Semper Reformenda”!!!

I. The Need to Recreate May Be a Bit Arrogant

Let me explain what I mean. I drive a Toyota Solara with about 133K miles on it (she is a beauty folks). I came to the conclusion that Toyota makes the most dependable cars this side of Heaven. No way can Ford, Honda, or Nissan compare. So I am thankful for the engineers over at Toyota. But there is something the engineers can’t say and that is:

That their thoughts were original!!!! You see the car below is the prototype for all assembly line vehicles (which were cheaper and produced for the masses versus previous vehicles that were much more difficult to manufacture). It is a Ford Model T and from it the birth of Ford Motor Company. Their technology pathed the way for my Solara so I want to send a big thank you to Henry Ford and crew.

But Henry Ford couldn’t really boast about originality either because he was not the first person to find an alternative to horseback travel (which was individual versus the locomotive travel being mass transit). So was there a need to recreate? The answer is no, the need was to be more efficient and to make the most reliable and affordable vehicle available. I think that is where I find myself today and this is how I will proceed theologically. Why you might ask. The answer is……..

II. The Role of the Holy Spirit in Church History

This is pretty much the hinge on which this post swivels. The question is this. Do I believe that the Holy Spirit was moving and shaping the Reformation and other church movements. My answer is yes. Do I also believe the Holy Spirit was moving and shaping the civil rights (or social gospel) movement? My answer again is yes! Do I think both went too far? The answer is an emphatic yes! When Calvin got a man burned at the stake did he take the Reformation too far? The answer is yes! When Cone and others started to ignore things like inerrancy in the name of relevance did they go too far? The answer is yes. The next question is were there truth in both in which we can gleam from the answer is yes again.

So back to the point. I believe that through the Holy Spirit the Reformation was birthed and if He is involved then it doesn’t JUST speak to Europeans fighting Rome (though that is a huge part of the movement) but that through that experience we too can benefit greatly. What do I mean? Well as we read church history we see biblical truths being defined. This is the hang up with many Jehovah Witnesses, Oneness Pentecostals, Mormons and others. We who have read church history don’t see the Council Nicea as a place where the Trinity was created but where it is defined. We also see other councils and other Church debates where Doctrine wasn’t created but defined. The Hypostatic Union was created by God and defined by Humans. The Bible was created by God and defined by Humans. The Reformation was created by God and defined by humans. You get the picture right?

You see whites can no more take credit for the Reformation than can blacks. The Five Solas, The Five Points and all such movements aren’t things created by man just defined by man. We see this in the shaping of the New Testament (though things proceeding the canon are not on par with the canon). Did Paul write the letter of Corinthians? We don’t even want to go there my friend. But as we look at the Reformation and many other movements within Christendom we have to look back and say “look at God move” and with that perspective we can embrace these truths and use them as foundation to speak to what is happening currently in our communities.

III. Back to Carter’s Blog

I am encouraged by the blog. In it he talks about church planting, conferences and books. All which historically has shaped the face of theology throughout the world. Through modern technology the Church has been able to get the Gospel Message further and further into places we didn’t know existed. Through a move in the African American community; books, conferences, more seminarians, sermons, and churches have been on the rise and this will allow the Gospel (especially from a Reformed perspective) to penetrate areas that have been sealed off due to numerous barriers. Once again many disagree but I believe that Reformed Theology is the most biblical theology. That may sound arrogant and I know I will get replies that differ and that is fine; however it is my experience and my tension that I am wrestling through here. And since I believe Reformed Theology to be the most biblically faithful then my desire to see it engage the African American community is of utmost importance. So you see this blog and my attempt to interact with brothers such as Carter, Pastor T, Lance Lewis, Quincy Jones, Eric Redmond, Pastor Irwyn, Brother Plummer, Pastor Eliff, Pastor John Coleman and other reformed brothers. The deeper Reformed truth penetrates our culture and the hearts of those in our community the better I believe it will be. Once again many may disagree but this is my perspective and I am in 100% agreement with Pastor Carter and will do my best to support them by buying their works, attending conferences, and trying to hip others to what they are teaching and doing.

IV. Information does change hearts

JP Moreland wrote a lovely book that I read about 3 or 4 years ago called “Love Your God with All Your Mind“. In it he charges Christians to not only experience God but to all so think Philosophically and critically about our faith. I think this is critical for African Americans. I have heard way too many preachers talk about “Knowledge Puffs up” and “information makes you proud”. This is ludicrous in every other area in life but is one of the first statements you hear from many black pulpits. Whenever you hear “theology is not important” then you should question the premise of such a statement. The bible promotes no such thing. As a matter of fact Peter says of Paul’s writings “they are difficult to understand”. So we are to think critically and philosophically about our God and this Hope called Christianity. I understand the lack of literacy and the lack of information in the past but we are not in the past we are in the present. In a time where more blacks are getting College degrees and more blacks our owning homes, and more blacks are becoming big time players in Corporate America and in parts of our Government (Ms. Rice) we should also be growing in the area of theology.

I will admit that theology can make one arrogant but this happens in every area of life because we are sinners. But being arrogant in science, math and business doesn’t prevent blacks from pursuing such disciplines and neither should theology. Once properly applied and if learned within the context of the church theology can be the most rewarding wealth of information one could accumulate. Theology applied helps one not only know the right thing to do but why it is right which I believe is critical to the Christian faith. I instinctively know that loving my wife is the right thing to do, but why? But if I understand my marriage and how it is a reflection of Christ and the Church, things like divorce, and adultery become a higher priority. In another example I understood that I was saved, but once I understood the extent of that salvation and why Christ came and how He made a special purchase of me in a covenant established before the foundation of the world (yes I am promoting Particular Atonement here) I had a new found joy. It actually motivated me to love others as Christ had loved me. I can on for days but those are only two examples.

You see the lack of information hasn’t done much for us. As a matter of fact I can say that the last few years that due to no big issue really facing the black church that many men have fled the scene like a two time felon about to get his third strike. Just look around. Who are the most popular preachers of our day? Who sales the most books? Which conferences does blacks attend? Let me help: Eddie Long, T.D Jakes, Fred Price, Juanita Bynum, Jamal Bryant, Creflo Dollar, Miles Munroe, Ike Hilliard and all of their little bobble heads that want to be just like them. If you ask a black person (on average) to name one pastor I guarantee that one of these names will be on the top of the list. All of the names mentioned above our heretics in the first degree! So is information important? You best believe it my friend.

V. Closing

We have to find a way to repackage the wealth of information we have in a way that gets our intended audience attention while not minimizing that information. How that works I don’t know. But as I go out and share the Gospel, most people I encounter don’t need more church, they need the gospel clearly articulated. If churches and preachers; feed, clothe, shelter, motivate, and inspire their congregants while at the same time ignore the essentials of Christian Doctrine then we have failed to do what Paul charges Timothy and Titus to do which is to “teach sound doctrine”. This is not an option this is a command. And my friends, doctrine is information that when applied to the heart by the Holy Spirit is life transforming information. We must have a healthy balance, but if we must err we must err on the side of truth because the “Gospel is the power of salvation to those who believe” lets not think that blacks would be disinterested in theology, lets find a way in which they will be.

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Okay kinfolk I usually try to avoid addressing false teachers because there isn’t enough memory in the world to address them all; however, when I saw this I said “get the heck out of here”!!!!!!!!!!  This dude done flipped his wig in the worst of ways.  If you don’t know who this is, his name is Fred K.C Price and is an infamous wolf! His track record makes him a top villan. He has devoured many sheep and have left nothing but hoofs and clumps of wool behind.

Mr. Price has now been promoted to “The Apostle of Faith”. Now if this doesn’t upset you and make you want to scream at the top of your lungs I don’t know what will. This is a sham and it is a ridicule of the faith.  Here is an excerpt of his promotion (if that is what you call it), pay close attention to the reference to the Apostle Paul’s ministry:

Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, separated unto the gospel of God, (which he had promised afore by his prophets in the Holy Scriptures,) Concerning his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, which was made of the seed of David according to the flesh; and declared to be the Son of God with power, according to the spirit of holiness, by the resurrection from the dead: By whom we have received grace and apostleship, for obedience to the faith among all nations, for his name; (Romans 1: 1-5 KJV). The Call of Apostleship of Dr. Frederick K. C. Price mirrors that of Apostle Paul in that the Fruit of his ministry bears witness that This Call is From God.


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Philip Brabmblet over at Growing in Grace Ministries wrote a very interesting article. One that cuts to the heart of our domesticating, minimizing sin, and undermining God’s right over His creation mentality. Some times I am ready to scream when I hear the feminization of our God.

Here is the first excerpt:

 Several times lately I have heard people object to believing in the God of the Bible on the grounds that he commanded the Israelites to commit genocide.  They said that a deity who commands ethnic cleansing obviously cannot be a good God. He cannot be a God worth believing in or worshiping.  In fact, the idea of such a God is abhorrent and should be scorned.  I heard a Jewish commentator try to defend God by saying that God never commanded the genocide; rather, it was Moses who told the Israelites to do it, because he believed it was what God wanted.


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Preterism is something that I personally had not heard of until about 5 years ago. It has become more popular in recent years and many reputable people hold to a partial or full preterist view. Some are  Hank Hanegraaf, Gary Demar, and many others.

Preterism is a variant of Christian eschatology which holds that some or all of the biblical prophecies concerning the Last Days or End Times refer to events which actually happened in the first century after Christ’s birth. The term preterism comes from the Latin praeter, meaning “past”. Adherents of Preterism are known as Preterists. The two principal schools of Preterist thought are commonly called Partial Preterism and Full Preterism.

In the Word of God something we that would somewhat seem relevant to this teaching is when Hymenaeus is mentioned by name twice in Scripture (1 Timothy 1:20; 2 Timothy 2:17) — named in connection with Alexander (the coppersmith) and also Philetus. The apostle Paul denounced him as a blasphemer. Scripture does not fully describe his heresy, but apparently Hymenaeus denied the future physical resurrection of the born again (2 Timothy 2:17-18), as taught by Jesus Christ (John 5:25-29) and Paul (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17). He claimed, instead, that the believer’s “resurrection” only happens in a spiritual sense, occurring at the moment one is born again. This heresy was apparently taught by the Nicolaitanes.

So this is my question-If we meet a Christian today that believes the essentials of the Faith- (the authority of Scripture, the existence of a triune God, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit – Christ/Who is fully God and fully man – was sent to save the elect from our bondage of sin, and other things that can be affirmed by the Word of God.) but hold to a different eschatalogical position, can we say they are not saved? Now some as mentioned above are partial meaning they believe some of the events have already taken place and others say they believe Christ has already done all that is said would be done throughout the book of Revelation.

I personally think that if you are a Full Preterist that you have some serious explaining to do but I have not spent a whole lot of time studying this topic. Lionel and I are currently going through the presuppositions of Covenant Theology and Dispensationlism.  At this time I do not believe in the “Rapture” and have recently decided to study this more in depth. So this may change-so don’t hold me to a position yet.

I would love to hear some insight on this topic from a Biblical perspective on what many of you think.

Here is the question again-Is Preterism Heresy?

Some information obtained from www.wikipedia.com

 Hey Tyris I hope it is okay that I add this article from 9Marks. I think it can add to the question and even provides some feed back.

Theological Triage – By Dr. Mohler

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As I stated before many people disagreed with me as it related to my stance on Generational Curses. The language in the first post wasn’t as heretical as could be so many found a loop hole out of the problem I had with it. Well, well, well! Dr. Evans has taken it to the next obvious step. Read it here so you don’t think that I am fabricating it.  Here it is in writing:

  • JANUARY 9, 2008
    Reversing the Physical Curse
      We have all seen the effects of physical problems – diabetes, heart disease, sleeping disorders and cancer – in our lives or at least in the lives of those we love. We know that these things are not God´s perfect will for our lives. In John 10:10 (NIV), Jesus says, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” Jesus wants us to enjoy a long, healthy life … not just exist.
      It´s important to understand that physical problems can be tied to spiritual issues from past generations. These “issues” are called generational curses. The only real solution is to pray and then obey.
      Just recognizing the problem and praying about it is not enough. We need to act on what God is telling us to do. Many times, He prompts us to do things that are different and maybe even strange. But it´s not strange to Him. God wants to heal our bodies, but the results depend on our obedience to His voice and His Word.

    Numbers 12:10-16

This is a serious problem again. Dr. Evans does not provide a shred of biblical support for such a statement. Listen to me very carefully, this teaching is heretical! It is not deduced from a sound biblical hermeneutic and flys in the face of the New Covenant. CHRISTIANS ARE NOT UNDER ANY CURSE WHATSOEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that is loud in clear, high blood pressure, just as diabetes can run in the family, but that has nothing to do with a generational curse and the only curse it can be tied to is the one produced at the Fall! Sickness, death, sin and pain are all consequences of Adams sin. As we await the New Paradise and the New Earth where all of these things will be swallowed up, mankind will continue to suffer! But we know as Paul said “His grace is sufficient for me”. You dying from any of the above mentioned may bring God glory, just as your healing from either of these can bring God glory, but as Paul says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.  This is the profession of the mature Christian.

With all that said, this has nothing to do with a “generational curse” unless that genealogy starts with Adam. If you are bound by sickness, make a petition to the Lord for healing, but if He decides not to accept His “perfect will” for your life and glorify Him through it. I know of many Christians who’s testimony is that through major life threatening illnesses that Christ became much more beautiful to them. I have saw parents who children died before the were school age due to cancer or some other disease and Christ was the more beautiful to them. My biggest problem with this is that this flies in the face of God’s sovereignty while simultaneously not having a proper perspective biblical faith! A whole new post will have to be written about that. However, search your scriptures I remember once the disciples questioned Jesus about a blind mans state. They said “who sin, this man or his parents”.  Jesus says something that may have been quite shocking:

 “Jesus answered, “It was not that this man sinned, or his parents, but that the works of God might be displayed in him. ” (John 9:1-6) 

Tony Evans has officially fallen off in my book. There is little hope of bringing him back!

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I have caught some flack due to my post about Dr. Tony Evans. I have heard things like “you are taking this too far”, or “so what”, and even “whats wrong with talking about generational curses” and better yet “I can attest to having a generational curse”. Now I this isn’t hyperbole here. These are direct quotes from people, for the most part, who love God and are in solid churches. I sat back, scrathced my head and said to myself “self, maybe you are taking this overboard”. Shortly after I slapped myself for being soft and proceeded to write this post.  Now the questions posed are sincere; however, I also think it is common today due to our postmodern culture (postmodernism is not relegated to Christian no Christian only, it also is huge within evangelical circles). We live in an era where truth has become even less than relative. Truth has become altogether elusive and once again I am speaking within the Body of Christ. We as Christians spend much less time reading our bibles and building a sound and solid theological foundation, which in turn leads to lack of biblical discernment, which in turn leads to these types of questions and other questions such as “why is it important if we have resurrection bodies” or “so what if Christ was married” and even “all the bible can’t be true can it”. These are questions that I have been asked in the last two months so once again no exaggeration involved.


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