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There are many great books on marriage and how to be a godly husband and godly wife and these books have been instrumental in the lives of me and my wife. One I recommend is “The Exemplary Husband” by Dr. Stuart Scott. It really changed me in 12 weeks. I went through a study with a close friend of mine and we had to ask the tough questions and really work through what God expects from us as husbands.

Where I think many of the great books on marriage (When Sinners Say I do, A Love that Lasts and Sacred Marriage) fall short I hope to convey here. This was a message I was going to give in a few weeks but I have been tagged to present something different. So I was thinking about making it an e-book or pamphlet or study guide or something. It is a Christ-Centered Character study that I hope all who are married or plan on being married one day enjoy.

The Couple in View (Prisca (or Priscilla and Aquila)



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I just finished “Reimagining Church” and it is a jewel indeed. Here is a quote from the Chapter “Reimaging Leadership”. There are like 50 quotes worth their weight in gold.

  • In the Gentile world, leaders operate on the basis of a political, chain-of-command social structure-a graded hierarchy. In the kingdom of God, leadership flows from childlike meekness and sacrificial service


  • In the Gentile world, authority is based on position and rank. In the kingdom of God, authority is based on godly character. Note Christ’s description of a leader: “Let him be a servant”, and “let him be as the younger”. In our Lord’s eyes, being precedes doing. And doing flows from being. Put differently, function follows character. Those who serve do so because they are servants.


  • In the Gentile world, greatness is measured by prominence, external power, and political influence. In the kingdom of God, greatness is measured by humility and servitude.


  • In the Gentile world, leaders exploit their positions to rule over others. In the Kingdom of God, leaders deplore special reverence. They rather regard themselves “as the younger”.

Pg 157 of Reimaging Church

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