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Please Feel Free To Think

I want you to know something. Please feel free to think! As a matter of fact it is your God given responsiblity to think. Please wrestle, toil, struggle, fight, pray, and refuse to accept any answer that you aren’t comfortable with. Ask lots of questions and then think some more. Why do I say that? Well many people feel they have the market cornered on God’s truth. No they will not say that, but all you need to do is think differently than them and they become hostile. They throw out things such as “you don’t believe in the bible” (as if our faith is in the bible, it is in who the bible points to) or they make up names for you. Call you a sheeple, idiot, dumb, or some other outrageous thing. Maybe some won’t go that far, but they ridicule you. Write you off. But I want you think!

Why do I want you think? So when you quote something, or when you die on a hill it is your truth, not someone elses. Regardless of the time they spent in seminary and all of the letters that follow their name. Read some things you don’t agree with so at least when you disagree you don’t sound like a parrot or a clone. Yes their are many great man that walked before us, and we stand on the shoulders of giants, but that doesn’t mean we must accept their truth as our truth and ulimately God’s truth. So if you come on here quoting somebody else as a response to something please understand you will be engaged if you don’t like it please feel free to go to the sites that agree with everything that you believe so that you can feel secure and safe.

Finally I appreciate the opportunity I have had to have conversations with you all. I am grateful that I have been able to blessed by this gift called an internet that has been a curse in many of lives and have destroyed many of families. I hope that whatever I post and whatever Tyris post though you may or may not disagree at least challenges you. I may believe differently than you but my goal is to get you to think. Once again 1 Corinthians 15 is our truth for this is the Gospel Paul preached. After that everything is open for discussion. I have my beliefs and really many times I don’t want you to believe like me because tomorrow that may change. Anyway I will be extremely busy until the middle of next week so I may approve comments but have little interaction and maybe no posting until next weekend some time. I may post some pictures from the 116 concert though!


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Which One Is A Church


1. These people meet in a building, sing songs, have definable leaders, and numerous of Christian programs and partake of the sacraments every quarter.


2. These people also meet in a building, they sing songs, have no definable leaders, but ensure they partake of the sacraments.


3. These people meet in a coffee shop, there is only 5 of them, they have no definable leaders, don’t partake of the sacraments,  other than baptism of new converts.

4. These people meet in a house, partake of the sacrements, have no definable leaders.

Now each of these people would affirm the Apostle’s and Nicene Creed, study the scriptures. Which is a church, which is not and why?

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No! I am not saying that at all! Not the least bit, but there does seem to be a lack of urgency. Oh, just in case I wanted to let you know I am not advocating baptism as a condition for salvation. I think we Romans 3:21 through chapter 4 as how a man is justified in the sight of God. However, I have been reading through Acts and I just see a sense of urgency. Acts 2, Acts 8, Acts 10, Acts 16, Acts 19, sure seems to but an urgent plea on how baptisms should work. So my questions are:

1. Why the lack of urgency?

2. What occurred between the 1st century and today that we don’t feel that water immediately proceeds profession?

3. Why are we more eager to get people into our churches (where there is no strong empahsis on scripture) than to offer them water?

4. Who is allowed to baptize and could this be one of the problems?

5. If you are a minster/pastor/elder what is your SOP on this?

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couldn’t wait to post this. Check out the new video “Joyful Noise” by Flame ft. Lecrae and John Reilly! I love the hook and lyrics. What is most enouraging is to see the young folks enjoying themselves while the Gospel is articulated so wonderfully. I can’t believe Lecrae wore them trendy glasses. LOL!!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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I know a Pastor who:

1. Drives 3 hours to preach in a small town in a small church (10 members) for free

2. Who helped fix the building with their own money

3. Who drives down to visit if something goes wrong

4. Who visits the sick

5. Who visits the children of those in the church that are imprisoned.

6.  Who preached a couple of times when only one person showed up. The pastor said if their is one they deserve to be ministered to.

7. Who washes feet

8. Who decided to do a joint service to show that their is no division within the body of Christ

9. Who works a full-time job, in which a good portion of the money goes back to help that church instead of close the doors.

10. Who happens to be a Woman.

Not condoing the violation of 1 Timothy 2-3 but just wanted to know what would you think if she was a he?

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If you live in the Dallas area you don’t want to miss this FREE (yes I said FREE)! Concert. Mercy Street Ministries will be hosting the 116 Clique this Saturday August 2nd! Please come check these brothers out. They put on an unbelievable show and you really should see what they are doing “After the Music Stops and them curtains are closed”! Reachlife has been doing some incredible work and the Read this Before You Die evangelism project has been a blessing to many also. So let me know if you are going to be there. I would love to hook up with some fellow bloggers. God bless. By the way they will need some help with evangelism, I don’t know how that is going to work so hopefully I can talk to one of the fellas before the concert and post some information.

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Bro Lawerence D has written what I think to be one of the most thought provoking post on Christian Fellowship. Please check it out. I am going to leave you with a teaser. Please engage the conversation man he raises some serious points. I don’t know what to say because I really have sided with those like James White but may have to admit that I am wrong and many of our great theologians are wrong also:

Let’s say that tomorrow it was declared that all U.S. citizens who professed to be Christians had to report to the nearest major sports facility (coliseum, remember the one in Rome in the first century?) to be interviewed by the government. Let’s say that the ones who did not report were turned in by those who knew that they professed to be Christians and then were rounded up by law enforcement. So let’s take it for granted that they got all professing Christians together in each individual county. Let’s say that the initial interview consisted of threats of death if you held true to your faith. Now let’s assume that every member of every group which is considered a cult group refused to affirm Christ as Savior and Lord and escaped. So after days of interviews, everyone who held firm ends up on their respective areas’ football field, baseball diamond or basketball court. Now let me ask a few questions:

1. Would their only be Calvinist there? Only Arminians? Or how about only Cessasionist? Or only Charismatics? Or only Trinitarians? Or only Oneness?

2. Would we be surprised to see that brother or sister who holds that other position there? If so, would you believe that their martydom meant absolutely nothing because they believed in tithing? or baptized babies? or thought they chose Christ?

3. Would there be any theological debates going on? Or would anybody be preaching an ”Are you sure your saved” sermon?

4. Would we clique up in our groups that day? Would we care so dearly about our denominational distinctives? Would the blacks be only with the blacks and the whites only with the whites and so on?

5. If that brother or sister standing near you began to pray and suddenly broke out in tongues, would you move away? Or would you join hands with them and just pray the way you pray?

6. If they allowed us to have our bibles (a miracle it would be in itself) would we argue over which version was the correct one?

7. Would anyone be monitoring what another had on?


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