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As most of you who visit this site may well know. I love Holy Hip Hop (HHH or 3H). Some of my brothers and sisters in the faith believes that this genre of music is unacceptable to God. The funny thing is that I read the bible and it really doesn’t say anything about it so unless someone got an email or recent fax from heaven, I might have to pull out the….. blam!!!! Legalism Card! LOL!!! Anyway the first song that plays when you come to the site is by Flame featuring Tedahshi (both solid brothers in the Lord, rapping is just a venue to proclaim the gospel, both are solid and loving husbands) and is an album called “Our World Fallen” well this project actually has two phases one to proclaim the depravity of the world and two to proclaim the redemption of it through the Blood of the Lamb! You know everytime I think of the Gospel and what was actually accomplished on the cross tears form in the corner of my eyes. Anway mark your calenders for March 4th as Marcus AKA Flame releases his fourth album “Our World Redeemed” you can sample some of the tracks here (4 to be exact).

If you know much about Flame his music is usually theologically heavy, urban engaging, and doctrinally sound and relevant. He speaks to a generation that has been forsaken by my grandmother’s and mother’s generation. Our pants are too low, our hair too long and our music to pulsating. Flame attempts to bridge the Gap between the lost and the Cross by using hip hop as the venue. I am very excited about this album and will provide a review no later than March 10th. I will critique the beats, lyrics and doctrinal soundness of the album. Please support the brother by picking up the album anywhere Christian music is sold and you can encourage him by contacting him here at his personal website.


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