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Here is a post from Elder Kieth Shull, in a response to my catalyst post. Elder Shull brought up some good points and this is actually a few comments combined into one train of thought, that I requested he write for our edification. My question to Mr. Shull was “doesn’t assimilating to the larger American culture, mean conforming to white Anglo-Saxon culture?” His response is in bold. I would love for everyone to contribute to this dialouge as we attempt to build bridges where there should be no gaps. This is difficult for me to say; however, I am becoming more and more convinced that the subcultures created here in American has had a negative impact on the Gospel. Not that subcultures are bad in themselves, but when a subculture prevents you from interacting with others on a more intimate level, then I believe that subculture has a negative impact. Those subcultures can easily lead to partiality, classism, and seperation, which are all sins within the body of Christ. It happens more often than we think.

So please read this with an open mind and comment as you fell led. God bless.



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