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As I have stated in the past, a correct method of studying your bible is key to understanding what and who the bible is about (you will be suprised that it isn’t about you). God has given us His word, not to get inspiration, feel better about ourselves, or to use it as a crystal ball to find some secret message hidden in obscurity. He has given us His word to enjoy him. We can only enjoy Him when we have an accurate picture of who He is and that can only come through the bible, thus if you understand the scriptures incorrectly you will have a false view of God. God has revealed His complete will to us in His word, and not in some extra biblical revelation. Thus……..

Here are parts 3 and 4 on studying the scriptures by pastor Ken Jones of Greater Union  Baptist Church. Each of these are about 2 hours a piece, so enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. I have been truly blessed by this series.

Studying the Bible Profitably CAPS 3 of 6 – here

Profitable Study of the Bible CAPS 4of6 – here

You can find the first two installments here.

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These figures above may bring back horrid memories to some. To others like myself, probably not as offensive since I grew up after this era. These pictures above are referencing a term that was used offensively used throughout history over the past 200 years and made more popular within the last century. There are many stories on the history of this term one says that the origins of the word “Sambo” stem from an occurrence believed to be at the height of the British Empire. An unknown slave ship had docked in the then-popular Morecambe Bay area to buy various sundry items; once back at sea it was noticed that a black member of the ship’s staff had been left ashore. This man’s name was Sambo; shunned by the people of Morecambe, he was made to live out the remainder of his days on the outskirts of the villages at that time. To this day there is a monument known as ‘Sambo’s Grave” on the coast of the Lancashire village of Heysham. The term “Sambo” has its origin from the Spanish word “nzambu” which means monkey. The Royal Spanish Academy gives the origin from a Latin word which in modern Spanish means “bow-legged.”


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First things first. I realize that many people will not be excited about this post. There are numerous ministries that will disagree with what I will say here. I understand why, but I don’t agree with them, thus this post. As I was writing my last post, I started to wrestle with some things. I will not waver on my position that White Reformed Churches have to step it up in the area of evangelism, training and maybe losing some of their distintictives and evolving other ones. As Paul so beautifully penned “I became all things to all men that I might win some”. Paul was a Chameleon. He adapted to the culture abroad, because of his deep love for the Gospel. As he says ” For me to live is Christ and to die is gain”. If many of the White Reformed Churches would adopt the heart of Paul and his deep love to make disciples of every gentile nation that he could, then this bridge would be a bit wider, so that more could cross over it. However, I want to discuss why I think blacks can also play a huge part in building this bridge.


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Christian Hip Hop

Wow!! John Piper is having some Holy Hip Hop Rappers in his church on February 1st, 2008. It is amazing seeing how the Gospel of Christ transcends the barriers we as futile humans put up due to our ignorance of HIM. I can’t fathom why Piper would have these guys in his church-but why not? They know the Gospel and have a changed life to match their professions.  Lionel and I both struggle to understand why some of these guys do a lot of concerts in Word of Faith churches but Lecrae somewhat answered that for me in this video. What a testimony his life has been. This really coincides with the article Lionel most recently wrote that deals with being a “Catalyst” in our society. We have to as Christians reach out to all regardless of appearances and differences. I wonder if Lecrae had been reached out to-lets says by a white man, would he be a Christian. I believe yes, because the Gospel message will penetrate the heart of the His chosen. As Lecrae mentioned he felt the love of Christ from the brethren. We have to be faithful with our presentation of the Gospel and use the resources to reach the elect.  Not to bash anyone, but this is why I have a problem with Craige Lewis because he bashes brothers like this who know the Gospel and see Hip Hop as a avenue to reach the lost. Hip Hop is not inherently evil. Christ calls us to be agents/ambassadors in this world, all while not being of the world but catalyst in the world.

In Christ Alone

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Let me start off by saying, maybe I have been approaching the Church Diversity issue all wrong. I have been searching for a church during the last 2 months or so, not sure if I am leaving the church that I am member, but not sure that I will be staying either. I have talked to many pastors and have visited at least 6 churches and a small group during this time-frame. I have asked some tough questions one being the church’s philosophy on diversity. I pretty much got the same answer each time (I live in a predominately white suburban area so “black churches” are nonexistent).

The answer I received is “we would love a diverse church”. The only problem is that this becoming a reality, given the current state of racial harmony, will remain a pipe dream if something doesn’t change. Now I don’t know what the answer is. But I do have some suggestions or at lest some ideas to throw around to help bridge this gap. I will say that the suburbs in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area have become more diverse and the churches are not. Many would rather commute 45 minutes to an hour to Dallas in order to be involved in Sunday worship and be around black folk.


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As I watched the news here in America, the different news stations were talking about the inevitable recession, tax cuts, presidential candidates, and the Super Bowl. Many are worried that they will lose jobs or at the least the value of their investment portfolio will decline. Others are worried about the lowest level of new homes being built will cause more frenzy in the market not to mention a multibillion dollor write off by one of the worlds leading banking institutions.

Some are worried about Brady’s ankle as he was caught wearing a boot and others are asking who is going to fill the Atlanta Falcons or Redskins coaching vacancies. Colts fans were excited to see Dungy return for another year, while Giants fans are preparing to do whatever it takes to get to Arizona to see their beloved (this is a joke) Manning number 2 compete for the world’s most coveted trophy in Superbowl 42!

I watched TBN this past Sunday and I saw the same ol same ol. Duplantis, Dollar, and other such false teachers were spewing their weekly dose of heresy cloaked in the ever so popular “Health, Wealth and Prosperity” foolishness. And I was taking all of this in I read this article here.


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This was posted yesterday by Pastor Eric “Gunny Hartman. His blog is here and his church is here. As believers this is not a political issue, as many would try to make it. It is a biblical issue and God has called us to seek and serve Him not politics, or anything else. So as we pray and give of our resources to promote the Kingdom, lets not forget about the screams that we can’t hear from the womb! God bless.
Today is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.In that regard, check out ProLife.com and here’s some good stuff from John Piper:

15 Pro-Life Truths to Speak

“You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” – Jesus Christ


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For many people, the studying of scripture can be difficult due to applicability, relevance, meaning and truth. Ken Jones of Greater Union Baptist   gives us two gems in a two part series called “Studying the Scriptures Profitably”. Pastor Ken talks about issues such as:

 1. What or really WHO the scriptures are about.

2. The danger of studying the scriptures as character studies

3. The danger of studying the scriptures as inspiration.

4. The danger of not understanding that ALL scripture points to Jesus Christ

5. The dangers of taking scripture out of context to meet our selfish needs.

Part 1 is here

Part 2 is here

Please download them burn them and take notes. I learned a great deal and was reminded of many truths I already knew. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!!! Also note that this is a 6 part series so 4 more are coming. Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!

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 Check this article out. It is very well written and engaging.Written By: Ronjour Locke click here for his Blog Magnify God very edifying 

The Island Prophet Thabiti Anyabwile posted recently on Barack Obama. He wrote,

One great irony would be if it were finally the weakness of the African-American church that effectively destroyed the first viable presidential bid of an African American. So many people tout the African-American church for its historic role in promoting justice, but few have seen the connection between sound theology and any true effort at justice. In a sad turn of events, it may be by God’s hand the Sen. Obama campaign that forces global light on the damnable heresies and errors, the counterfeit Christianity present in so many churches.

Well, yesterday Richard Cohen of the Washington Post wrote an Op-ed piece on Obama’s church, Trinity United Church of Christ, pastored by Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright. He mentions the church because of their decision last year to give their honorary Trumpeter Award to a man who “truly epitomized greatness”– Louis Farrakhan! Writes Cohen:


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 As I read this document, there is a level of sorrow then joy in God persevering my ancestors through many years of the most horrendous conditions known to man. As I think about Slave Ships, the destruction of families, little to no value for the life of blacks as they were beat, spit on, abused, sold as commodity, and then preached to as if their souls had more value than their lives, tears begin to form in the corner of my eyes. I then think about my library and how little of these men that I esteem for their doctrine, spoke out against such heinous activities.


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