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Here is my second church recommendation. This church is for those living close to the Winston-Salem area here is the link. This church is a Sovereign Grace Church holding to my theological perspective birthed during the Reformation. This is an older group of Elders and I believe Pastor Burrell is bi-vocational. They even have an Institute in which the class was taking through a course on Systematic Theology. SAY WHAT? That is correct. They have an institute in which people graduate from. I have attached a Mid Term Exam for you to examine (hopefully they won’t beat me up). I have dialogue with the Pastor via email and listening to him preach has been a treat. Not only that I really had to examine my heart to “test myself”. Check out the “Hyprocrite” and “Pauls prayer for the Ephesians” sermons. Sovereign Grace gems! God bless and please send an encouraging email.


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